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The project for supporting the flood victims - reconstruction of residential buildings

Cause information at a glance

Natural Disaster

Activity area

25 میلیون تومان

Approved budget


Type of support


Current status

Golestan province

Geographical focus

Ehsan Golestan charity organization

Partner organization

5 people


1 month

Project duration

March-April 2019

Begin date

March-April 2019

Completion date

Detailed cause information

The information provided below is only an overview of the project. To get the updates on the project process and its details please refer to the final project report.
Cause summary

The aim of the project was to support the 2019 flood victims in Golestan province. After preliminary investigations, RWB decided to extend financial support for construction of one house with area of 47 m2 , in Chin village, Agh Ghola. This project was executed in collaboration with Golestan Ehsan charity organization, and participation of the help-seeker in the construction work. 

Detailed description

Following the 2019 flood in Golestan province and ten days of inundation in the Turkmen Sahra region, many residential buildings of Turkmens were massively damaged. Due to the poor construction foundation and humid climate, after some years the resilience of most of these houses diminished the houses became more vulnerable to natural disasters such as floods. Ten days of inundation caused many of the residential buildings to collapse, and therefore uninhabitable and unsafe. In addition, people lost their livestock, and those living in agriculture were not able to use the land at least for one year due to the deposition of sediments in the soil. Also, the appliances in the houses were damaged or destroyed as another consequence of long contact with floodwater.


To reconstruct the residential buildings in rural areas with more critical conditions.

Approach and monitoring

The project was conducted in collaboration with the Golestan Ehsan charity organization which has 20 years of experience in charitable activities in the Turkmen Sahra region.

Project focus points

To be completed.

Type and magnitude of aid

A budget of 250 million Iranian Rial (250,000.000 IRR) was provided for the reconstruction and retrofitting of one of the residential buildings in the rural area.

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Cause's progress

The required budget for this project has been provided from the revenues of the fundraising campaign for the Golestan flood in 2019.

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