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Financing school transportation costs

Cause information at a glance

Child education

Activity area

3.۵ میلیون تومان

Approved budget


Type of support


Current status

Golestan province

Geographical focus


Partner organization

4 People


7 Months

Project duration

January 2020

Begin date

June 2020

Completion date

Detailed cause information

The information provided below is only an overview of the project. To get the updates on the project process and its details please refer to the final project report.
Cause summary

In this project, school transportation costs for four students living in Korand village on the outskirts of Maraveh-Tappeh city was provided.

Detailed description

These children are cared for only by their mothers, who do not have stable income and are provided for by working on neighbors’ farms and houses, whenever there is a job. Both families live on the outskirts of the city, and it is not possible for children to travel to and from school. So far they were commuting by getting rides from kind neighbors and relatives. However, with higher costs of gas the number of trips to the city has decreased drastically. A local philanthropist covered the transportation costs for some time; however, this was not possible anymore. Since students’ parents were not able to afford the transportation costs (150-200 thousand Touman per month) , the kids were at the risk of dropping out of the school.


Considering the unstable financial situation of these families, they could not afford commuting costs for their children, which could interrupt or completely stop their education. This most likely would result in a repeat of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Approach and monitoring

Money was transferred to the school principal's account to be paid to the driver monthly.

Project focus points

To be completed.

Type and magnitude of aid

3.5 million Touman per month was assigned for this project.

Cause's progress

The required budget for this project is provided from the monthly income of the association (One-off or recurring donations).

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