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Financial aid to support a child with congenital spinal cord amputation

Cause information at a glance

Family in need

Activity area

7.2 میلیون تومان

Approved budget


Type of support


Current status


Geographical focus

“Mosbat Zendegi” welfare services centre

Partner organization

1 person


12 Months

Project duration

March 2021

Begin date

March 2023

Completion date

Detailed cause information

The information provided below is only an overview of the project. To get the updates on the project process and its details please refer to the final project report.
Cause summary

In this project the expenses for purchasing a part of the treatment material and basic daily supplies for a child who is suffering from congenital spinal cord amputation is provided.

Detailed description

The help seeker in this project is a child with congenital spinal cord amputation, living in a deprived area of Zanjan city. The child’s guardian does not have a proper job with adequate income and therefore, the family faces severe challenges with providing life basic necessities, and consequently unable to purchase the medical accessories needed to treat their sick child.


The help seeker lives with their mother in a basement with high humidity. Due to their physical disability, the child is unable to move and is carried around by their mother whose health is already impacted by the hard physical work. The mother too suffers from arthritis and joint pains. The child underwent a few surgeries and was hospitalised for six months.

Approach and monitoring

The manager of the partner organisation, Dr Heidari is the main connection for the project.

Project focus points

The medical dressing of the child should be changed often (six packages per month) to prevent bedsore and blood infection. With the financial support received for the treatment, there is a higher chance that the child heals quickly and continues to pursue their education.

Prior to this project the help seeker was under RWB support which paused for a while and fortunately with RWB follow-ups the support continues in the form of the current project.

Type and magnitude of aid

For this monthly project a total budget of 72 million IRR is estimated.

Cause's progress

The required budget for this project is provided from the monthly income of the association (One-off or recurring donations).

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