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Financial support to purchase eleven 500-litre water trucks

Cause information at a glance

Family in need

Activity area

14.5 میلیون تومان

Approved budget


Type of support


Current status

Sistan and Baluchestan

Geographical focus

Be Rang-e- Khoda charity group

Partner organization

300 people


1 month

Project duration

June 2020

Begin date

June 2020

Completion date

Detailed cause information

The information provided below is only an overview of the project. To get the updates on the project process and its details please refer to the final project report.
Detailed description

Global warming and successive droughts has caused severe water scarcity in many regions of Iran. Drinking water shortages, unprecedented high temperatures and now the coronavirus pandemic have put people in a difficult situation. The water situation resulted in many people catching infections by water-borne diseases. The situation worsened with the health care system overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

In this project, in collaboration with “Range Khoda'' charity organisation, RWB will purchase and install eleven 500-litre water trucks which will provide clean drinking water for 100 families, mainly Afghan immigrant, living in deprived rural areas (worth to note that the total number of water trucks is 17 with seven being purchased by the partner organisation, “Range Khoda” charity).

The drinking water will be collected by the trucks from the distribution system in the villages where freshwater is available for collection every day for 15-30 minutes.


Water is the main essence of life, and its scarcity is a big thread threat for human life and specially for children. In this project, with help of donors, RWB attempts to provide safe drinking water for to the people living in the targeted rural areas.

Type and magnitude of aid
ItemDescriptionQty.Price/unitTotal price
1500 litre water truck111.350.00014.850.000

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Cause's progress

The required budget for this project is provided from the monthly income of the association (One-off or recurring donations).

بعد از اتمام طرح منتشر خواهد شد.

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