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Paving & furnishing of an outdoor playground/sport area in Aliabad village, Narmashir, Kerman

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Thank you all! The total budget required for this campaign has been fully met. A comprehensive report will be published in the near future.


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Thank you all! The total budget required for this campaign has been fully met. A comprehensive report will be published in the near future.

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2000 Euro (Phase 1)

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June - August 2023

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We are starting a new campaign with the help of a lovely cyclist couple who are currently cycling from Canada all the way to south America. This couple have been biking around the world in the past years as well and have realized that passersby are often willing to donate money to them to pay for their travel expenses. During their current trip, they have decided to use this potential and direct the donations to a good cause with the help of RWB charity. The cause will be paving & (outdoor) furnishing of a play/sport area in Aliabad village in Narmashir, Kerman.

Aliabad is in an underprivileged area which lacks recreational facilities for children and young adults. Thanks to two locally based philanthropists, the old school building in this village has recently been renovated and is being prepared to be used as a community center which will include a pool table, a ping pong table, a library and a meeting/gathering hall. Next to this building is a piece of unpaved land with an area of 800 m2. In this campaign, we want to take care of the paving & furnishing of this piece of land such that more recreational facilities can be offered to the inhabitants of the village. possibly the inhabitants of the nearby villages can also make use of it.

In this project, in addition to preparing the base and laying asphalt, we will install field lighting, a basketball hoop and a volleyball net, two football goal nets, as well as 20 sets of activewear and sport shoes for children as well as teenagers. For the preparation of the base, additional cement, sand and other materials will be required. For lighting of the ground, fuses, wiring and additional electrical equipment will be purchased.

The required funds for the completion of the first phase of this project (purchasing of the required equipment for the play/sport area) is estimated to be 2000 euros. The estimate of the required funds for the laying of the base and asphalt of the play/sport area is currently being performed and will soon be announced.

We hope that with the addition of this sport/playground, the children and teenagers of this village will stay active, healthy and motivated and are more likely to avoid harmful activities such as doing drugs.

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