RWB at a Glance

Working groups and tasks

The highest decision-making body in the association is the general assembly, which includes the members of the association (any donor who has donated to the association at least once a year). Participation in the General Assembly and the annual voting are the rights of the members. The board of directors of the association are elected in the annual general assembly which is held virtually. The Executive Committee consists of the heads of Working Groups of the Association. Each working group has designated tasks distinct from the rest of the groups.

Organization Management Working Group

  • Recruitment
  • Increase the monthly collection of the association
  • Holding advertising campaigns
  • Collaboration with other charities
  • Advertising in order to implement the approved projects of the association
  • Cyberspace management (through content production subgroup)

Finance Working Group

  • Collecting donations received by the association
  • Control the cause payments
  • Detailed financial audit
  • Publish regular financial reports

Operation Working Group

  • Identify, review, compile and approve the received projects by the liaisons of the association 
  • Execution, monitoring and aggregation of approved project reports
  • Interaction and collaboration with active charity associations for more synergy and coverage

Public Relations Working Group

  • Coordinating the collaboration of the RWB with other charity organizations in abroad under the supervision of the CEO
  • Addressing questions from donors and members who are interested in executive collaboration via email and social media
  • Handling the internal communication needs of the association


  • Representative of the general assembly with full independence from the executive committee
  • Full supervision over all approved projects and decisions of the executive committee
  • Handling complaints raised by members
  • Full access to all financial and accounting documents of the association
  • Investigate all violations of the articles of association and internal regulations

Chief Executive Officer

  • Establish coordination between all working groups of the association
  • Attempt to activate all working groups systematically with the cooperation of the relevant chief
  • Try to increase the association's collection with the collaboration of Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Establishing relations with other charity associations
  • Supervising the implementation of projects and the orientation of the association and its implementation with the goals set out in the articles of association
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