How can you support the RWB on social media?

Monetary donations are great but there are also other ways if you want to extend your support to our charity. If you don’t have so much time for advertisement or charitable activities, there’s no problem. Ever expanding social media has made it much easier to be in contact with us and spread our word.

You can use these approaches to support us:

Share the information on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Writing a facebook post or Tweet might seem insignificant, but it might have an impact much more than what you imagine. Your interactions with our contents such as the updates, posts, images and videos by Liking, reposting, sharing or commenting can help to improve our visibility.

For example, if you have several hundred friends on social media, half of them might read your post, some might even share with their friends and this cycle will go on spreading rapidly. If you like one of our news, contents or reports, it might also be interesting for your friends. So please share the content and wait for its positive results.

You can find our news and information easily on our website or official social media pages and then share it. Please also mention our website address and handle in your post, tweet or story.

Follow us and subscribe

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get the latest updates regarding the projects and accomplishments of the RWB. Please also subscribe to our mailing list and Youtube channel. Through these channels you can get information about the occasional activities, special events, charitable opportunities, requests for urgent support, as well as our financial reports, news and other sorts of information.

Don’t miss anything with the live content

Live content is becoming a mega trend in social media. They will allow you to have a grasp of our policies and activities and play a role in RWB’s decision making process and its execution.

The events such as the general assembly (which is broadcasted directly on social media) are examples when you can participate in a live activity, express your opinion and also invite your friends to join.

Introduce the RWB to “influencers”

Influencers, or people with a large audience on social media, can substantially help to improve the visibility of the organization and solidify its image. Therefore, if you know some influential people, please introduce the RWB and encourage them to support and endorse it. This way RWB can be presented to a wide range of people in the society which facilitates finding the charitable individuals who wish to support us.

You can ask the influencers to present our activities with their audience, through sharing the contents or even live interviews.

Use online tools for introducing RWB

Another way to support us is by using online tools especially in social media. For instance, in Twitter using Hashtags can improve the visibility of a tweet. You can use the expressions such as the name of the organization or our projects as hashtags to your relevant posts. Similarly you can add the handle of our official ID to your posts and tweets. Doing this, an interconnection between you, us and your audience will be formed which helps our message to be spread more efficiently and quickly.

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