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Do not Curse the Darkness, Light a Lamp!

The Retinue Without Border consists of Iranians who virtually come together from all over the world. They strive for a world in which human beings have equal opportunities irrespective of their nationality, race, and belief. We believe that the prosperity of the society depends on the support and effort of each individual.

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Support areas & causes

Children Education


Our individual duty, regardless of borders, is to create a stable environment for the education and training of our children with the aim of raising collective awareness.

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Supporting Families in Need


We believe societies thrive on knowledge and education. Therefore, one of the main focus areas of the Retinue Without Border is to support families in need and improve their education. Given the goals of the association, the main priority in this area is to help families with school-age children.

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Educational Infrastructure

Construction, Improvement And Equipping

We always strive to create a balanced society, where all citizens have access to their basic rights. Providing equal opportunities, we are aiming to enable every individual to grow.

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Post Natural Disaster Support

Dedicated Assistance

In case of mass accidents or natural disasters, the RWB will raise funds by launching a campaign.

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By Education And Job Creation

This is one of the long-term goals of the association, and we hope to take a gradual step in this direction in the coming years.

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کمپین‌های بزرگ

The association’s main goal is to support the education of underprivileged children. Our experience since 2018 reveals that there are two periods in a year when the impact of our work can be maximized.

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RWB Performance Statistics

(By the end of 2021)

5 Activity Areas


86 Causes


22 Countries

With Active Donors

1227 People


7675 People



Causes budgets



39 People

Volunteer Staff

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Make a difference and put a smile to a child’s face

With regular donation, help us better execute the current and future plans of the association


Become a RWB Partner

The only way to achieve justice in a society is the active presence of each of its inhabitants. We have a duty to work towards the growth of the life quality and to lead our society towards progress together.

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در این بخش به ارائه گزارش آماری جامع و دقیق به لحاظ کمی و کیفی از عملکرد اجتماعی انجمن در طول سال‌های اخیر در حوزه‌های مختلف فعالیت و جذب همیاران مالی از سراسر دنیا پرداخته می‌شود.
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Annual reports

در گزارش جامع سالیانه اطلاعات دقیق در مورد طرح‌های اجرا شده، اهداف و جهت‌گیری انجمن در آن سال، درآمد‌ها و هزینه‌ها و همچنین ساختار کادر اجرایی انجمن برای خیرین ارسال می‌شود.
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یکی از حساس‌ترین بخش‌های هر انجمن خیریه‌ای، بخش مالی آن انجمن است. برای خیرین همیشه مهم‌ترین قسمت همیاری مالی، اطمینان از رسیدن مبلغ پرداختی به دست نیازمند هست.
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فصلنامه‌های انجمن با هدف آگاهی‌رسانی به همیاران مالی و مخاطبین از فعالیت‌های انجمن، طرح‌های در حال اجرا، کمپین‌ها و برنامه‌های آتی، و گزارشات مالی، در هر فصل منتشر می‌شود.
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