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Support of the underprivileged children via direct and indirect monetary aids

Projects in this area include any immaterial and material assistance to improve the educational conditions of the supported person. For example, providing stationery, holding preparatory classes, conducting extracurricular activities to increase community participation and self-confidence, paying for travel, and awarding scholarships to eligible students are some of the activities supported by the Association Without Borders.

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Supporting families in need via direct and indirect financial support

The goal here includes financial and no-financial support to improve the family situation affecting children’s education. Health care and living allowances fall into this category.

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Construction, improvement and equipping of educational infrastructure

Construction, improvement and equipping of schools, libraries and other educational infrastructures are the Retinue without borders priorities. 

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Special support in case of natural disasters

In case of mass incidents or natural disasters in the country, the Retinue Without Border will raise funds by launching a campaign. After a thorough investigation of the accident and needs assessment, the collected donations are spent in two parts: immediate assistance, as well as long-term and infrastructural projects.

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Empowerment through education and job creation

This mission is one of the long-term goals of the association, and we hope to take a step in this direction in the coming years. Currently, the association has kicked off this mission with a few small projects, such as granting interest-free loans.

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