Together for a better world ...

One of the paths towards achieving justice in society is the active presence of each of its inhabitants. As global citizens, we strive to lead our society towards progress together. It is up to us to take the fundamental steps to build a better world. We should not forget, as a privileged lot, that we are the ones who have the responsibility to take action.

More than fifty volunteer members within six different working groups are voluntarily working to advance Retinues Without Borders's goals. If you would like to join us on this journey, please read the Organizational Unites page and then fill out the form below.

Retinue without Borders, in addition to receiving monetary donations, welcomes the collaboration with other charities or organizations to improve the existing projects or define new endeavours. The charities who are willing to cooperate with us can contact the admins of our social media pages or fill the following form, receive the details of different scopes of the activities of our organization, choose the modality of their support (monetary or non-monetary, project based or long term) and finally submit their collaboration request. This proposal, after investigation in the management board and reviewing various aspects of the collaboration, will be approved in a joint meeting.

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