The association is active in most social networks including Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and ClubHouse. The page admins will respond to your questions. Also, by using the ‌contact us page in the website, you can share all your comments, suggestions or any topic related to the activities of the association with us.

If you submit your question via social media, the website or the email of the association, your question will be referred to the secretary of the relevant chief officer through the admins and the public relations officer. If you would like to contact the relevant chief officer directly, you can send a message to their personal email (refer to the organizational structure page).

All those who help the association materially and spiritually to pursue its goals are supporters of the association. To join the family of sponsors of the association, you can donate to the association's current projects. Also, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer in the association, you can apply through work with us page.

Our branch in Iran is responsible for identifying, reviewing, compiling, and approving the received proposals by the association's trusted contacts. The Iran branch will decide to approve the proposal or not after reviewing it. If the proposal is approved, activities in line with the approved project will be added on the agenda. Then the fundraising activity begins.

At the moment, the association runs two annual fixed campaigns (Mehraneh and Eidaneh), case projects (such as the Garkandi village library project) and fixed monthly projects. Occasional and monthly projects are defined based on the help-seeker 's needs and will continue for as long as needed. A separate call for help is made for the implementation projects of the "Eidaneh" and "Mehraneh'' campaigns in order to raise the required budget. In case projects, if the required budget exceeds the financial capacity of the association, a separate call will be made, otherwise it will be spent from the association's existing fund. The funds of the association are provided with the help of donors that provide a fixed monthly contribution to the association.

The association also accepts proposals from outside non sponsors. If a proposal related to children, education or the need for assistance in case of unexpected natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes is proposed to the association (either through the association's sponsors or through the public) after the required reviews on the details of the proposal and assessing the necessity of implementation, the project will be put to a vote in our branch in Iran and if approved, it will be implemented. If you have a proposal in mind, you can contact us through Contact Us so that the relevant chief officer can provide you with more information about the project proposal process.

Currently, the association focuses on providing a suitable environment for students and children with disabilities and supporting low-income families living in Iran (regardless of nationality) and has no activities in other countries.

Retinue Without Border (RWB) started its activities in 2016. At that time, this association consisted of Iranian students living abroad. The association grew over time and more donors joined it. As a charitable and non-political organization, RWB now officially carries out its activities in the form of larger projects until one day it reaches its ultimate goal: Providing a suitable platform to facilitate the education of all Iranian children.

"Do not curse the darkness, light a lamp" is the main slogan of Retinue Without Border Association. We believe that the future of our land is in the hands of children who equip themselves with the weapon of knowledge and go to war against poverty. By identifying children in need and low-income families, we try to provide a suitable environment to facilitate the learning and studying for the children of our country. We hope for a day when no child is forced to miss school in our vast land.

Note: Due to our many years of experience in the field of education and children, and due to the strong presence of our dear colleagues in other charitable fields, including the support of patients with rare diseases, we continue to focus on our area of expertise and leave the other fields to other charitable associations as they have years of experience.

To make it easier for donors to pay, the association has designed a variety of methods that can be found on the online donation page. Also, all payment methods are encrypted using an official SSL certificate and this protects the online security and privacy of all donors. No information from the donors’ account or their bank card is stored on the association's website. See this page for more information.

One of the basic principles of the RWB association is goal setting. This means that first we approve a proposal and then we start to do fundraising for the approved project. For this reason, the results of financial contributions can be seen and tracked at a specific time.The principle of financial transparency always plays an important role in the association. Activities of association in this regard include: Submitting financial reports quarterly, availability of all reports in our Telegram channel to the public, public participation in all meetings of the association, reporting on the results of ongoing projects, updating social media pages with the results of projects. . Also, all internal members of the association are individually responsible for responding to all donors and all questions of donors about the projects will be answered personally.

This is not currently possible.

All donors can access their donation history and personal information by visiting donor dashboard page on the Website.

The RWB association is officially registered in Denmark.
  • Economic code number: 41484527
  • Postal address: Storstræde 21C, 2620 Albertslund, Denmark

Due to the geographical spread of the internal members of the association in different countries and continents, all the activities of the association abroad are done remotely. For more information, refer to the legal information page of the association.

The RWB association is officially registered in Denmark with VAT-ID DK41484527. All the information of the association can be traced on, the official portal of companies operating in Denmark. To view the details of the association registration information, refer to this link.

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