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Persian New Year 2022 (Eidaneh 1401) Campaign

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Thank you all! The total budget required for this campaign has been fully met. A comprehensive report will be published in the near future.


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Campaign information at a glance

Child education & supporting low-income families

Activity area


Required Budget


Type of support

Fund raising

Current status

Lorestan, Alborz & Kermanshah province

Geographical Focus

Social Service of Borujerd Prison, Kiana association, Mehregan association

Partner organization

1100 People


1 Month

Project duration

February-March 2022

Fundraising period

Detail of causes

We had successful Persian new year campaigns in 2020 and 2021. For the Persian new year 2022, aligned with our charity’s goal and tradition, we will continue to work for the welfare of children. Beginning March 2022 we will extend support to the children that we have supported in the past. The target community includes orphans or children belonging to dysfunctional families (for example, the father of the family is in prison). Active local donors and trustees of Boroujerd Bazaar and the Social Service of Borujerd Prison will partner with us in executing our charitable goals. They will support us by obtaining accurate information from families in need, purchasing quality products at competitive prices and proper distribution among 400 children. Considerable attention will be paid during distribution to ensure that the self-esteem and dignity of the children are not compromised.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, most charities have lost many supporters and donors. Associations like ours are funded by donors and the lack of support certainly limits the resources and activities. Kiana Charity Association had to close its Karaj office last year due to declining donations and support. About 300 children who used to benefit from Kiana's educational services could no longer be supported for their education. Fortunately, this year a donor partnered with the Retinue Without Border association to resolve the issues of funding. Together with the donor, we succeeded in re-establishing a place for educating children in Karaj. The place is a villa house (about 200 square meters) which has been restored and in this campaign, we have decided to spend resources to properly equip it.

In this case, it is planned to equip the house for the usage of at least 150 labour children who want to continue their education.

At the beginning of the Persian new year; food and health packages will be distributed among the families who are under the support of the Nik Bonyadan Mehregan Association. This association is supporting 470 families who have about 550 children from different age groups. The food packages include: Rice, oil, soy meat, pasta, sugar, lentils, chickpea, Guazi (roasted plant seeds), sweets and chicken. The hygiene packages include: Shampoo, baby shampoo, soap, baby soap, laundry detergent, sanitary napkin and Vaseline. The packages also include books for the children.

Mehregan Association's supplies are provided by the trusted food and health wholesalers in Tehran and Kermanshah, who were the sponsors of the Mehregan Association in previous years. The packages will be distributed by Mehregan’s social workers. The families who live in Kermanshah will receive these aids directly from the Mehregan charity social workers. The families who live out of Kermanshah will have packages delivered to them by the Mehregan association. For some aids, such as the purchase of clothes and shoes, the amount of budget dedicated to every family will be transferred to the family’s bank account. The social workers of the Mehregan association will follow up on the purchases to ensure that the money is used for the children and not for any other purpose.

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