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Persian New Year Campaign 2024

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Campaign at a glance

Supporting low-income families

Activity area


Required Budget


Type of support


Current status

Lorestan, Zanjan, Southern Khorasan, Fars & Kermanshah provinces

Geographical Focus

Mosbat Sabz Welfare Center, Mehrgharib and Mehrgan charities, Borujerd Prisoners Affairs Department, South Khorasan ministry of education

Partner organization

1160 people


1 Month

Project duration

February - March 2024

Fundraising period

Description of campaign causes

On the occasion of the Persian New Year, the RWB Association will start an annual campaign aimed at bringing joy and happiness into the lives of the families who have been supported over the years. This year, we will be supporting 1160 families across five provinces —specifically focusing on the cities of Kermanshah, Brujerd, Zanjan, Birjand, and Shiraz. Our mission extends beyond mere assistance; it is about creating beautiful moments that inspire hope in the hearts of both families and children. We hope to bring smiles that even momentarily can make the thoughts of life’s difficulties disappear and bring positivity. Your invaluable support is crucial in enabling us to provide these children with a special Nowruz filled with laughter and joy. Together, let us turn this collective dream into a reality for them.

RWB Association is launching a Persian New Year campaign to spread joy by supporting 1160 families in need across five provinces. The focus is on providing clothes and shoes for children at an estimated cost of Є13 per child. Building on past successes, the campaign aims to go beyond material assistance, creating a sense of community and shared joy. During the last years, the same group of students was supported. This year, we continue to extend our support to make sure that they continue on the right path.

RWB Association is organizing a campaign to support underprivileged families during Nowruz, aiming to bring happiness to those facing challenging circumstances. This year, the initiative will support 1160 families in five cities in five provinces: Kermanshah, Borujerd, Zanjan, Birjand, and Shiraz. Focused on children in these cities, the campaign collaborates with project liaisons to provide clothes and shoes for each child, estimating a cost of Є13 per child. Each family will also receive a package of sweets or chocolates, chosen at the discretion of the facilitator, adding a delightful gesture.

The Persian New Year campaign is done every year to bring a positive atmosphere into the families that are forced to live with financial difficulties. conditions and complexities of the times should not prevent us from neglecting to create a feeling of joy and happiness. We believe even small sparks can keep a dream alive in the minds of children. A dream in which hope sprouts, and brings smiles that even momentarily can make the thoughts of life’s difficulties disappear and bring positivity.

RWB is collaborating with charitable organizations in the targeted provinces. RWB will closely monitor the progress and the local organizations will keep RWB updated. The budget allocation to each local organization is predetermined based on detailed meetings and agreements within RWB. According to the finalized budget RWB will transfer funds to the official bank accounts of the partners. The local partner will take further steps to procure and distribute items based on a predefined purchase list. The local support organizations will procure materials through known suppliers. This streamlined approach will save money for RWB and our local partners. Consequently, this will ensure the maximum number of children can be supported.

Following the success of Persian new year and back to school Campaigns in previous years and their positive impact on children, we are committed to continuing our support. Recognizing the ongoing needs of the children previously assisted by RWB Association, we have decided to stand by these individuals once again in the new year. Our dedication to making a lasting difference remains unwavering, ensuring that these children receive the support and care they deserve.

According to estimates made by our partners, all provinces have uniformly made an approximation of Є13 for the purchase of either shoes or clothes per child. Additionally, it is worth highlighting that beyond these essential items, every family will receive a package of sweets or chocolates.

The focus of this project in Lorestan is on children from families facing challenging circumstances, particularly those with at least one parent in prison, effectively rendering the children in a quasi-orphaned state. The collaboration with active charities, trustees of Borujerd Bazaar, and the Borujerd Prisoners Affairs Department is very important to the project's success. Their involvement helps with acquiring accurate information from underprivileged families and facilitates cost-effective yet quality purchases. A total of 300 students have been identified for this cause. Once the necessary funds are secured, the welfare organization will enter into a contract with a selected store. The welfare organization will then contribute Є13 per person to enable families to choose and acquire the desired shoes and/or clothes. This approach, coordinated with the selected store, ensures that the recipients actively participate in selecting and preparing their preferred clothing items. The budget allocated for this project in Lorestan province amounts to Є3900.

In collaboration with the Mehrgan charity organization, RWB is extending support to 300 families in Kermanshah. Shoes and clothes will be provided by the Mehrgan Association and RWB will provide packages of food and hygiene products. These care packages consist of a food package containing 2 kilograms of red meat or chicken, in addition to a hygiene package comprising shampoo, baby shampoo, soap, and women's sanitary pads. Mehrgan charity sources its purchases from reliable wholesalers of food and hygiene products in Tehran and Kermanshah, who have been steadfast sponsors and supporters in past years. Distribution is carried out by the association's dedicated volunteers in Kermanshah city. For families residing outside the city, aid is dispatched through the transportation company of Mehregan association. The cause’s budget for this province is estimated at Є3900.

In Birjand city, South Khorasan province, RWB will be supporting children who are enrolled in various school breakfast programs. Upon careful examination and assessment, a notably positive impact has been observed in terms of increased school attendance among these children. Motivated by this realization, the association has decided to extend its assistance by providing new shoes and clothes to 500 children, allowing them to experience the joy of Nowruz. This collaborative initiative involves working closely with the South Khorasan province ministry of education to ensure seamless coordination. The project, with a budget of Є6500 allocated for this province, aims at fostering a positive and uplifting environment for these children as they embrace the festive spirit of Nowruz.

In collaboration with the Mosbat Zendegi Welfare Center in Zanjan province, RWB is directing its focus towards providing new clothes and shoes for 30 children. These particular children have previously received educational support from us throughout the last year. The estimated funds required for this project is Є390.

In Fars province, particularly in low income areas of Shiraz city, RWB, in collaboration with a dedicated contact, has been consistently supporting children over the past years. These children have demonstrated significant positive growth and a commendable learning process under the association's support. As part of a new initiative, RWB is set to provide new clothes and shoes for 30 of these children. All these children received educational support from the RWB Association in the past year. The estimated required budget for this project in Fars province amounts to Є390.

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