Performance metrics
این صفحه شامل گزارشات جامع و دقیق آماری از عملکرد انجمن در طول سال‌های اخیر در حوزه‌های مختلف فعالیت را ارائه می‌کند. (All charts are automatically updated daily.)

عملکرد کمی انجمن در طول سال‌های اخیر

جدول زیر عملکرد کمی انجمن از شروع فعالیت خود تا به امسال را بر حسب پارامترهای مختلف نشان می‌دهد.

Provincial performance of the Association

جدول زیر عملکرد انجمن در استان‌های مختلف را نشان می‌دهد.

عملکرد انجمن برحسب حوزه‌های مختلف فعالیت انجمن

This table shows budget allocation distribution in terms of the number of running or completed projects, the amount of budget, the number of covered people and the number of provinces hosting the projects. حوزه‌های فعالیت انجمن For more information, please refer to the (RWB’s ) support activity area page.

Distribution map of member countries and donors

این نقشه جهان نشان‌دهنده کشور‌هایی است که در آنها همیاران مالی انجمن را همیاری مالی منظم و یا موردی می‌کنند.

Association’s outreach and collaboration performance

Association has also made an effort to reach out and partner with other charitable organisations for different causes. We are partnering with

  • Education (and training) administration of Khusf
  • Ilia charity association
  • Mehregan association
  • Hemin Lavan Souran association
  • Baghcheh Mehr
  • Social Service of Borujerd Prison
  • Handicapped Society of Zanjan
  • Saraye Omid charity organization
  • Iran school equipment company
  • Moms Against Poverty (MAP)
  • Mosbat Zendegi welfare organization
  • Mehr-e-Gharib
  • Hamgam charity organization
  • Ehsan Golestan charity organization
  • Rezvan charity organization
  • Nikgaman Jamshid charity organization
  • Pouyesh Aftabgardoon (Subset of of Sepas Lahzeye Haal non-governmental foundation)
  • Boustan Omid va Rahmat Group
  • Yar-e-Fereshtegan charity group
  • Be Rang-e- Khoda charity group
Social Performance

Social Performance

Statistical report of executive causes, consumption budget, supported people, comparison of performance in areas of activity, ...

Organisational Performance

Organisational Performance

Statistical report on the number of donors (by regular or occasional financial assistance), member countries and the number of donors in each one, ...

Provincial performance

Provincial performance

Statistical report on the performance of the association, in each of the provinces of Iran, by number of executive plans, consumption budget, …

Financial performance report

Financial performance report

Statistical report of total revenue through financial contributions, executive expenses, budget of executive plans, …

Communication performance

Communication performance

Statistical report of charitable associations in the executive plans and annual campaigns of the association, ...

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