Useful and effective effort and activity

Construction, improvement and equipping of educational infrastructure

Via direct and indirect monetary aids

Equality of opportunity in education is one of the most important categories of justice in societies and developing the educational infrastructure can contribute to achieve this. Combining positive action, continued execution, and consistent planning, we will certainly become closer to build a better world.

"The main priority of this area is to build, improve and equip schools, libraries and other educational infrastructures, such as schools and libraries."

Construction, improvement and equipping of schools, libraries and other educational infrastructures are the Retinue without borders priorities. In order to do that, reputable liaisons identify and assess the needs of schools in deprived areas. Next, we allocate budgets, sign contracts with local businesses, and put the construction or improvement project on the agenda. To equip the schools, members and volunteers prepare a list of the required items, allocate the budget, purchase them and ship them to the region. In order to best protect the provided assets, such projects are always carried out in cooperation with the education and school renovation organization in the region. assigning the property code to all the assets, we prevent the assets from going missing.

The performance of the association towards this goal in recent years

(By the end of 2021)

14 Causes

Ongoing or completed


Approved budget

1480 People

Supported in the projects

7 provinces

Hosting the projects

Accomplished Causes of This Area

We believe we must stand together beyond ethnicities, nationalities and beliefs and strive to create a more beautiful and just world for the children of the next generation.

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