Useful and effective effort and activity

Supporting Families in Need

Via direct and indirect monetary aids

We believe societies thrive on knowledge and education. Therefore, one of the main focus areas of the Retinue Without Border is to support families in need and improve their education. Given the goals of the association,

«The main priority in this area is to help families with school-age children.»

The goal here includes financial and no-financial support to improve the family situation affecting children’s education. Health care and living allowances fall into this category.

The performance of the association towards this goal in recent years

(By the end of 2021)

15 Causes

Ongoing or completed


Approved budget

335 People

Supported in the projects

10 Provinces

Hosting the projects

Accomplished Causes of This Area

We believe we must stand together beyond ethnicities, nationalities and beliefs and strive to create a more beautiful and just world for the children of the next generation.

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